Like a non-stop silent rave, staffed and accessible 24/7, located within abandoned or underutilized suburban built space, re-greened, re-wilded, and reclamated, providing learning and training in the art, science, athletic skill development of motorsports at the amateur and professional for personal best, individual and cooperative team competition on standardized electric motorcycles.
Multi-Terrain, Adaptive Configuration
Beamed Power and Telemetry Vehicles
Patron Audience FPV w/Audio & Haptics

Instead of environmentally irresponsible, cost and weight prohibitive battery packs, the Cabra Baila™ (Dancing Goat) supermoto-style bikes are primarily wireless SmartGrid to SmartRoad over a semi-permanent, swiftly reconfigurable installation of energy emitting modular RoadEdge™ arrays by OccultΛlloy™ with a small hybrid supercapacitor for the unlikely event of intermittent power loss.

As an evolutionarily new concept of motorcycle, the Cabra Baila™ series affords each pilot a power consumption budget at a maximum specified vehicle power to weight ratio dialed in according to type of event, pilot physiology, age, and proven experience and skill ratings.

The pilot’s CCI or command control interface is a seamlessly integrated system of non-intrusive augmented vision, audible frequency, infrasound, haptics, and force-feedback provide sensory cues for enhanced pilot situational awareness and command control with telemetrics enabling judges and patrons to experience a visceral sense of riding along.